GET AHEAD (formerly Summer Enrichment Program)

The GET AHEAD program at the University of Delaware is an academically intensive five-week residential program for any incoming first-year student admitted to the University who wishes to get an early start on his/her academic career. This program enables first-year students to become acclimated to the campus and to the academic rigors of college during the summer immediately preceding their first semester at the University. Students may earn up to seven [or eight, depending on math placement] university credits through coursework in mathematics, English, and a one-credit Academic Self-Management (ASM) Skilmod course. Placement into the appropriate level of these courses is determined by results of university placement exams and choice of major.

GET AHEAD is a structured program designed to facilitate the transition from high school to the rigors of college.  Financial assistance (partial to full) is available to participants of select sponsored programs within the university. It also is possible for students to access their financial aid to help pay GET AHEAD program tuition and fees. Program costs and financial aid information are available on the admissions page.

The GET AHEAD program takes place during the University’s second summer session.


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