SkilMod Courses

These one-credit pass/fail courses (offered in the fall and spring semesters) are designed to help students improve their academic success strategies. They include:

  • UNIV113: Study Skills. For freshmen & sophomores, this course focuses on identifying and strengthening students’ strategies for doing college-level academic work. Students choose a course on their schedule to serve as a target class, practicing the skills introduced in this course.
  • UNIV114: Critical Thinking. Geared toward helping students strengthen their skill in approaching material in the humanities and social sciences,this course helps them analyze sources and organize, write, and support their arguments. Particularly helpful for students preparing for GRE & LSAT exams.
  • UNIV115: Problem Solving. Designed for students taking courses using problem sets (e.g., math, physics, accounting, engineering), this course helps them organize their thinking and effectively approach problem sets and other problem-solving issues.

For more information about these and other Office of Academic Enrichment course offerings, please contact our office.