University of Delaware

Tutor Responsibilities

  • It is important to keep your TutorFind information current. Notify the Tutoring Coordinator with any updates, including adding or deleting the courses you are available to tutor.
  • Students using the TutorFind book will contact you to set up a time, day and place to be tutored on a mutually-agreed basis (e.g., once a week, twice a week, just before exams, or when needed).
  • If not sponsored by an approved program, the tutee is not entitled to free tutoring. You will need to collect your fee from the tutee on an ongoing basis.
  • If a tutee is entitled to free tutoring through an approved program and/or is pre-approved by a sponsoring Program Director, you will need to enter the hours tutored and obtain the tutee’s signature on the appropriate payroll sheets, as well as entering your hours on UDTime.
  • At the beginning of the fall and spring semesters, you will be asked to update your status and TutorFind information. If you wish to tutor during winter session, you must notify the Tutoring Coordinator of your availability; a special TutorFind will be prepared for that term.
  • Tutor meetings are held once or twice a semester. These meetings include updates, discussion of tutoring techniques, and the opportunity to hear from invited guest speakers.

Tutor Time Sheet