Tutoring Options

Tutoring at the University of Delaware is available in several formats:

  • INDIVIDUAL TUTORING: Available at nominal rates, and free to members of some programs. Tutors may be obtained through the TutorFind Directory in our reception area.
  • DROP-IN TUTORING: Free of cost to all students, drop-in tutoring is available for math, chemistry and physics. Check the Group and Drop-in Tutoring Schedule for our current offerings.
  • GROUP TUTORING: Free of cost to all students, group tutoring is available in over 30 courses each semester, primarily in the areas of mathematics, science and business courses. Courses are continually being added to the list, driven by student requests. To help a group tutoring session get set up, come in to the Office of Academic Enrichment and sign up in the Group Tutoring book (on the tutoring desk in reception area). Watch the Group & Drop-in Tutoring Schedule for sessions that have already been scheduled. Once a session has been scheduled, all interested students are invited to attend.
  • SUPPLEMENTAL INSTRUCTION: These group review sessions are conducted in several courses each semester at the request of specific programs or faculty. SI is a non-remedial comprehensive academic support program that provides assistance through regularly scheduled group study sessions. Each group is led by an experienced tutor who attends all class sessions, takes notes, and reviews readings. Students become actively involved with course content and develop strategies for mastering the material and preparing for exams.
  • ONLINE SUPPORT [NEW]: Nfoshare is an online platform that connects college students’ questions to the professor, TA, tutor and classmates for have real-time academic conversations at any time. Student tutors from the Office of Academic Enrichment answer questions and offer study tips for various classes throughout the semester. All postings are tagged, stored and searchable for the current semester and for future use. This resource can be accessed by students through their Facebook accounts.

Peer tutors are trained by our staff, and prices are regulated to keep this service affordable. For information on tutor training and opportunities, visit Becoming a Tutor.

Other tutoring opportunities.  In addition to offerings provided by the Office of Academic Enrichment,

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